I’m always saying that I would love to hear reasons against building a shelter, but it hasn’t happened until this weekend. At the Chili Cook Off, I had my first “We don’t need a shelter in Jackson County” comment. I politely asked why the lady thought this and she responded “It’s Jackson County – it’s country!” I just explained to her that the county was changing and growing. I was going to leave it at that because she probably wasn’t going to change her mind, but the next sentence out of her mouth was “I’m going to call you all because I have some animals that I need help finding a home for.” My response – “That’s exactly why we need a shelter.” If you don’t think we need a shelter, then I would only assume that you would never need our services. I do welcome any comments on the shelter. Your reasons against the shelter will help us to identify all potential issues or conflict before they come along.

On a more positive note - this week’s picture is from the Chamber of Commerce’s MegaFest and Chili Cook Off at Gresham Motorsports. We had a team in the Chili Cook Off and it was tons of fun! We prepared vegetarian chili and if you are like me, you think that doesn’t sound great. I was afraid it would taste more like vegetable soup, but I’m here to say – it didn’t! It had some kick to it and was very hearty. Thanks to the Veggie Patch at Bouchard Farms (Commerce) for donating fresh, organic eggplant, zucchini, and peppers! The highlight of our team was our costumes and set-up. We brought chain link kenneling to the event and set up a “kennel” and were all dressed as animals – a poodle, a rabbit, a calico kitten, and a Doberman. I am happy to report that we got 2nd Place in the Showmanship award!

From left to right: Bettye Campbell, Lisa Doster, Roxane Rose, me (Claibourne Jordan)
For more chili cook off pictures, please click here.
The Humane Society of Jackson County held the annual Fashion Show, Champagne Brunch, and Silent Auction event, Mimosas for Mutts, on Saturday.  This was the first year that it was held at Chateau Elan. The pavilion was beautifully decorated with flower arrangements, a runway for the models, and lots of silent auction items. Ritzi’s Reruns provided the clothes for the models and that was so much fun because that was such a wide variety of pieces. As far as actual numbers for the whole event, I can’t report on the earnings, but I do want to tell you about something special for the Raise the Woof campaign.

I had envelopes printed that look a lot like church offering envelopes, but they are much cuter with the Raise the Woof logo on the back. I had to stand up and speak about the shelter campaign, introduce the Urban Design Group table, and then ask for donations for the shelter. I was especially nervous though! This was the first time I was actually asking for donations and it was quite a large crowd. I am usually fine speaking about the Humane Society, but it was a tough day! Anyway, I’m up on stage and I asked people to fill out their envelopes so that we could have an “offering” for the shelter. Then, with the help of several other people who walked around the room, the envelopes were collected in dog bowls. It was a success! We collected $1361 in cash and checks PLUS $1480 in credit cards and pledges!

Next time I get up and ask for donations, I have a great experience to remember from Mimosas for Mutts! So, I just want to say “thank you” to everyone who donated to help raise the woof and build my confidence at the same time.

Sounds like we will have a great fall week - I’m looking forward to the BOC meeting tonight where the Master Plan for the land will be presented and hopeful that we are closer in our quest for a long-term lease of land for the shelter. Thanks for your support and interest in the project. RAISE THE WOOF!!

PS – I need an individual to host a donor dinner or event for December. I have one lined up for October and November. Please let me know if you are interested. These are as simple or fancy as you want to make them. It’s a party that you host and then we come in to tell about the project and ask for support and donations from your guests.  

Family Picture taken at Mimosas for Mutt
From left to right: Me (Claibourne Jordan), Evelyn Sheffield, Christina Karstedt, Cindy Crane
What an exciting week it has been for the shelter campaign! The week started out with wonderful meeting at Urban Design Group with Ken Rhyne and his staff. We are completely overwhelmed with their interest and support of the shelter project. They are providing us with so many services, including building design, construction management, public relations, and marketing! We are so fortunate to have them on our team. We convinced them to come to Mimosas for Mutts, although it didn’t take much convincing when we mentioned “mimosas” and “Chateau Elan.” :)

The week wrapped up with a called meeting by the Board of Commissioners to announce the new county manager. Kevin Poe from Floyd County will be Jackson County’s new manager. Roxane Rose and I were there to hear the announcement and welcome Mr. Poe. He has a lovely family that I read about in The Paper and they sound like a welcomed addition to our community.  We also had a chance to speak with several commissioners. We hope our presence reminds them of the request that we made in March 2011 and our drive to get the shelter project underway.

Also, Friday kicked off a mini-campaign on Facebook called Five Facebook Fridays. For five Fridays, we are asking each of our 460+ facebook fans to donate $5 to the Raise the Woof campaign. Our first Friday was a success with over $75 contributed! With 4 more Fridays to go, there is plenty of time to get involved and make your five minute, five dollar contribution. If you have any questions about the shelter project or want to get involved in anyway, please feel free to contact me at claibourne@hotmail.com. I welcome the opportunity to speak with anyone about a project that is so close to my heart. We are off to the Georgia football game today! The weather is perfect for football. Go Dawgs! Raise the Woof!

Picture taken after our meeting with Ken Rhyne at Urban Design Group in Atlanta.
From left to right: Margaret Lang, Jacque Edmonds, Ken Rhyne, Roxane Rose,
me (Claibourne Jordan), and Paula Matzko