I’m always saying that I would love to hear reasons against building a shelter, but it hasn’t happened until this weekend. At the Chili Cook Off, I had my first “We don’t need a shelter in Jackson County” comment. I politely asked why the lady thought this and she responded “It’s Jackson County – it’s country!” I just explained to her that the county was changing and growing. I was going to leave it at that because she probably wasn’t going to change her mind, but the next sentence out of her mouth was “I’m going to call you all because I have some animals that I need help finding a home for.” My response – “That’s exactly why we need a shelter.” If you don’t think we need a shelter, then I would only assume that you would never need our services. I do welcome any comments on the shelter. Your reasons against the shelter will help us to identify all potential issues or conflict before they come along.

On a more positive note - this week’s picture is from the Chamber of Commerce’s MegaFest and Chili Cook Off at Gresham Motorsports. We had a team in the Chili Cook Off and it was tons of fun! We prepared vegetarian chili and if you are like me, you think that doesn’t sound great. I was afraid it would taste more like vegetable soup, but I’m here to say – it didn’t! It had some kick to it and was very hearty. Thanks to the Veggie Patch at Bouchard Farms (Commerce) for donating fresh, organic eggplant, zucchini, and peppers! The highlight of our team was our costumes and set-up. We brought chain link kenneling to the event and set up a “kennel” and were all dressed as animals – a poodle, a rabbit, a calico kitten, and a Doberman. I am happy to report that we got 2nd Place in the Showmanship award!

From left to right: Bettye Campbell, Lisa Doster, Roxane Rose, me (Claibourne Jordan)
For more chili cook off pictures, please click here.
We have a couple of fundraisers that I am working on, including the Gold and Silver party. It is going to be on November 10th from 5:00 – 8:00 at the HSJC Office. We have partnered with Tri-County Gold and Silver Buyers (Hoschton) to bring you a drop-in party where you bring your old gold and silver jewelry that is broken or out dated and get CASH! They will look at your gold and make you an offer. You get to keep all of your money and Tri-County will donate 20% of sales to HSJC’s Raise the Woof campaign! It’s an easy fundraiser for us and easy Christmas cash for you! ReTail, our new Thrift Store will be open and will also have some vendors on hand so you can do a little Holiday shopping that will benefit HSJC too! RAISE THE WOOF!



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